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Polished Finish

Polished Grinding, sanding, and buffing produces a high gloss, mirror-like surface. This finish is by far the most common and popular stone finish.Polish finished slabs are used in kitchens, bathrooms, fire places, walls, and floors.

Honed Finish

Grinding and sanding produces a smooth, yet not glossy finish. This is best for low maintenance, high traffic applications. Typically used on floors, tables, and benches.

Flamed Finish

A flamed surface is achieved by subjecting the stone to the high temperature flame of a torch and burning most of the carbon content, leaving textured quartzite with gentle coloration. This finish has a course texture making it a safe choice for floors and stairs.

Sandblasted Finish

This is a rough, but tidy look created by applying a high pressure blast of sand to the stone’s surface. The face of the stone is etched producing a non-slip texture. The appearance of the sandblasted are is pale and dull in comparison to a polished stone. Monuments, images, and text often are sandblasted to add artistic characteristics.

Leather Finish

This finish gives the stone a suede look and feel. This texture is smooth and slip-resistant.

Lapeture Finish

This finish is often given to granites, and provides a non-slippery surface while retaining the coloration and grain structure of the stone.